Sofa Lounger

Portable Waterproof Inflatable Sofa Lounger

  • تخفيض السعر
  • سعر عادي QAR 90,00
الشحن محسوب عند السداد.

  • Special pillow design
    Inflatable lounge with a pillow design can support your upper back and neck that will make you more comfortable from anywhere.
  • High quality and performance
    Fixed light and durable 230T polyester taffeta with TPR coating, waterproof and lightweight.
  • Waterproof Sewing Finished
    All the seams are taped off to make sure no water gets through.
  • High quality spinning
    Fast-tracking, durable and stable.
  • Easy to carry
    You can fold the inflatable sofa in a small bag. It can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Size display
    Packaging: 45*24cm/41*30cm
    By size: 180*70*52cm/105*70*62cm
  • Model:NH18S030-S
  • Weight S: 463g,  L: 720g
  • Easy to use
    No need for mechanical inflation. What you need to do is open the air couch against the wind, it will be filled with air when you move.