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inflatable Buoyancy Aid Belt

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Inflatable Life Belt

Inflatable life belt is an ideal choice for experienced swimmers who need a personal flotation device that is not bulky and cumbersome like a vest. They are a great option on calm waters and when you plan to stay close to shore.

They are not meant for high-impact activities like water skiing, tubing or any high-speed impact water activities.



your vest a Buoyancy Aid Vest and not life jacket , it will help you keep afloat under normal conditions , this vest is not suitable for extreme sport,jetski,or high speed watercrafts 

parent discretion required at all the times 

Brand Name:  XINGDUN Marine
Product Name:
Belt Life Jakets 
Model Number: CQYD/IV-100N
Shell Material: 840D Oxford
Chamber Material: 210D Nylon/0.11mm TPU
Cylinder 16g CO2 Cylinder with 3/8 thread
Air Loss Loss<5% in 24 hours
Actually Buoyancy 
Automatic /Manual
Red/Black, Blue/Gray
Size: Adult Universal
Usage: Water Sports, Fishing, Marine, etc.


CQYD/IV-100N Pack Life Jacket Components

16g CO2 cylinder Manual / Auto inflator Pull-cord Air Chamber
Reflective tape Protective Cover Oral Tube / Whistle Buckle